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✓ About this List

Please note: This list merely exists to provoke constructive questions in the mind of an artist and is neither posited to be correct and exhaustive nor absolute and the "final word" on any artistic matter!

Plentiful exceptions exist to any artistic choice, practice, style, school, or "rule," and it is ultimately up to the artists themselves to decide what to consider, when to revise, and how to complete their works.

The word "image," wherever it appears below, is meant to embody the entire visual work in question (e.g. an illustration, a 3D render, photograph, flyer, poster, advertisment, promotional or informational graphic).

The word "element" is meant to represent any individually identifiable thing within the image (e.g. a character, a piece of text, a photo, a symbol).

This checklist is virtually unfinished and certainly subject to future revisions.

The most updated version of this free document can be found at www.artofinterpretation.com

✓ Abstract or Concrete
✓ Action
✓ Aesthetics
✓ Allusions
✓ Aspect Ratio and Orientation
✓ Attention
✓ Audience
✓ Awareness
✓ Background
✓ Balance
✓ Clarity
✓ Cohesion / Flow and Synergy / Harmony
✓ Colors
✓ Complexity / Simplicity
✓ Contrasting Elements
✓ Contrasting Values
✓ Cropping and Framing
✓ Cultural Elements and Imagery
✓ Depth
✓ Direction and Motion
✓ Distinction
✓ Effects
✓ Emotion and Tone
✓ Emphasis
✓ Feedback & Criticism
✓ File Format
✓ Focal Point(s) and Viewpoints
✓ Geometry - General
✓ Geometry - 3D
✓ Hardware
✓ History and Anachronisms
✓ Impact
✓ Inspiration and Motivation
✓ Interpretation
✓ Intellectual Property
✓ Lighting and Shadows - General
✓ Lighting and Shadows - 3D
✓ Lines
✓ Literality and Metaphors
✓ Logic and Irrationality
✓ Mathematical Aspects
✓ Memorable
✓ Message
✓ Order and Hierarchy
✓ Patterns and Repetition
✓ Perfection and Imperfection
✓ Positions and Groupings
✓ Post-production / post-processing
✓ Randomness
✓ Refinement
✓ Relationships
✓ Render and Image Quality
✓ The "Rule of Thirds"
✓ Sizes and Proportion
✓ Software
✓ Spacing and White Space
✓ Story
✓ Subject Matter
✓ Text and Wording
✓ Textures and Materials / Shaders
✓ Title
✓ Uniquity
✓ Variety and Frequency
✓ Vitality
✓ Workflow

Please feel free to reconsider or disregard any or all of the questions and statements within this document!

Only you, the artist, can truly fulfill the potential of your art as you deem fit.

Once again...

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