Art of Interpretation - Digital Art by Robert J. Tiess

Older 3D Works, Visual Experiments, and Tests

Some of my older and earliest projects, including tests, and other
visual experiments and explorations of ideas in 3D are listed here.

Many of these works (and the even older ones) are predictably basic,
unimpressive, or crude even since they were among my first serious attempts
to learn 3D modeling / lighting / etc. using early versions of Blender.

A number of projects listed below are "Weekend Challenge" works, things created over a weekend for
3D contests at Blender Artists. Some are "speed models." Even older works yet can also be browsed.

Click on an image title to see it:

Koala (2005) (test; render #3)

Koala (2005) (test; Render #2)

Koala (2005) (test; second use of Blender 2.40 hair generation)

Road to Damascus (2005) (test; first use of Blender 2.40 hair generation)

Filigree (2005)

Efflorescence (2005)

Life Is Not a Game (2005) (Blender + Yafray Renderer). See also this HDRI version of Life Is Not a Game using a light probe I created based on the original render.

flamencoBot (2005) (UPDATED: Multiple character poses now integrated into one large image)

You Are Amazing (face as a maze) (2005)

Free Your Mind (2005)

Leaves (2005)

Tempus Fugit (2005) (Test render from an upcoming animated short; pure Blender internal render)

Artificial Ignorance (2005) (Blender + Yafray render passes composite test)

Guardian Angel (2005) - See also this second and brighter version.

Terpsichore (2005) (Blender + Corel Painter / Adobe Photoshop)

Terpsichore (2005) (Sculptural rendition, pure Blender)

What Is Beauty (2005) (Blender + Zbrush test)

Flight of the Phoenix (2005) (Weekend Challenge)

The New Narcissus (2005) - See also this first alternate render and this second alternate and final render.

Miracle (2005)

Sunrays (2005)

They All Came to See (2005)

Silas (2005) (Rendered using Yafray)

Updated: We Come in Peace (2005) (Speed modeled for Elysiun Weekend Challenge; rendered using Yafray; new post-WC render)

Listen (2005) - Additional image: Version II and Version III

Curious - Additional images: 2nd version, 3rd Version, 4th Version, 5th Version, 6th Version, 3D Views

Hoot (2005)

Source (2005)

Visage (2005)

You Know What They Say (2005)

Eyes of the Beholden (2005)

Hamlet Reflecting (2005)

Washaway (2005)

Starshielder (2005) (closeup of a starship I created for an animation)

Love in the Air (2005) (a re-release of my 2004 image, a detail of which is now featured in 3D TOONS by Steve and Raf Anzovin)

Blossom (2004) (a re-release of my 2004 image now featured in 3D TOONS by Steve and Raf Anzovin)

Sketchmonkey (2005) (experimental 3d, no post processing)

In the forest of your thoughts (2005) (version two)

In the forest of your thoughts (2005) (experimental 3d, no post processing)

Taking Shape: Version II (attempt to portray clay sculpting) (2005)

Taking Shape (attempt to portray clay sculpting) (2005)

King of Olde (2005) (continued development of Petrified King model)

Petrified King (2005) (continuation of my Permafrost King project)

Permafrost King (2005) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge. Click here for wireframes)

LOVE COM PUTES (2005) (continuation of "Curious Bots")

Curious Bots (2005) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Mr. T.V. Wonders Why No One Watches Him Anymore (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Updated: Welcome to Plooperoidia! (2005) - Characters developed further

Plooperoidians (2005) - (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Magician (and Helper Floating) (2005) - (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Old Windmill (2005) (wireframe view) - (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Updated: Penguins (2005) (as posted on

2005 F1: A Warmup Exercise (2005) (In preparation for the 2005 Blender F1 Contest (2005))

Lady of the Lake (2005) (Expos\E9 3 entry)

You Get the Point (2005)

Penguins (2005) (REVISED)

Penguins (2005)

Fresh Coat (2005)

Inseparable (2005)

Individuation (2005)

Animus + Anima (2005)

Change of Heart (2005)

Human Condition (2005)

Reflector (2005)

Breaking Out of One's Shell (2005)

Concept Car (2005) (Weekend Challenge Entry)

Think Big (2005)

Miss Universe 4001 (2005)

Shocked (2004) (Weekend Challenge Entry)

Avaricious (2004) (Weekend Challenge Entry)

Merry Chrismeese (2004)

X:Pleks (2004)

Wintertime (2004)

Floribundus (2004)

Planet E (2004) (Blender Particle Objects Test)

Planet G (2004) (Blender Particle Objects Test)

Center Piece (2004)

Cornucopian (2004)

Future Commute (2004) (Weekend Challenge)

Ventricular (2004) (Weekend Challenge)

Alien (2004) (Alltaken's Weekly Concept #3)

Stephen (2004) - Character for animated short in progress. Additional views, some with other characters: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Almost Midnight (2004)

Alone in Space (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Ancestral Questions (2004)

Another Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004) (a 3D rendition inspired by Vermeer's famous painting)
   - Click here for a small (800k) animated look at the model.

Atlantean Protector (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Daybreak (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Digital Camera (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004) (untextured wireframe))

Escape's Escape (2004)

Expression of Serenity (2004) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Fantasy Vehicle(CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Heart (2004)

Impossible Odds (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Japanese Garden (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Japanese Garden (second version) (2004)

Impossible Odds - Edgeless Version (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Mad Scientist (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

One Another (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

PEN Computer (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Primitive Art of Primitive Shapes Resolving Their Difference in Primitive Ways (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Quadruped (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Quadruped #2(CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Persistence of Blender (2004) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Reconvergence (2004)

Reflections on Society (2004)

Toy Cars (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004) - Additional images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Sci-Fi Vehicle (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Sci-Fi Vehicle (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Vehicle (CGtalk Speed Session Model) (2004)

Singing in the Rain (2004) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Together in Their Solitude (2004)

Trapped in Amber (2004)

Two Boots (2004) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Two Boots - Wireframe Image (2004)

Two Boots - Muddy Version (2004)

Ungregarious (2004)

Ventricular (2004) (Elysiun Weekend Challenge)

Vikings (Elysiun Weekend Challenge) (2004)

Vikings - Postprocessed non-contest entry version (2004)

What the Lesson Cannot Teach (2004)

Wife of Lot (2004)

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