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  The Humbling
  and Other Poems

  by Robert J. Tiess

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[Readers' Favorite 5-Star Medallion] ''Stylistically and structurally diverse, his beautifully crafted verses make a mark on your soul and leave you with a lot to ponder.... If you are a poetry lover, The Humbling and Other Poems is a must-read for you.'' Readers' Favorite. ''A momentous and impressive display of carefully crafted poetry... these are powerful and personal poems that should absolutely be read aloud and savored.'' The Independent Review of Books.  ''The result of careful craft, a zeal to express complex thoughts that sing yet also communicate.... These inviting, incisive poems don't sacrifice resonance as they strive for accessibility.'' Booklife (Publishers Weekly).  The long-awaited and inspired debut poetry collection from Robert J. Tiess. Embark on a memorable journey through 100+ inspired poems contemplating humility, love, joy, empathy, redemption, hope, time, resurrection, and enlightenment. Enjoy popularly-acclaimed poems - Obsidian with Sheens of Gold, Amid the Jersey Turnpike Whales,   The Song of Walt Is Our Song, Love's Special Relativity, The War Within, Tell them the Whole Truth, Stargazers on a Winter's Night, Lotus Dreamer, Tao, the Phoenix poems - along with new works, including Semester's End at Raphael's School of Athens. Additional content:  three essays, author bio, a glossary of select poetry terms, poetry reading suggestions, and more. AVAILABLE IN PRINT or DIGITAL EDITIONS: Paperback or Digital Kindle editions at  Digital Nook edition at

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About the Author: Robert J. Tiess is a poet from New York State. His acclaimed poetry has been featured most recently on the Late Night Poets radio show and AllPoetry. A graduate of SUNY New Paltz University with a degree in English Literature, he has been writing poetry since the 1980s and pursuing a joyful career in public library service since the mid-1990s. You can learn more about the author in The Humbling and Other Poems.

From the Poet: "I enjoy writing poetry of all kinds. Almost all of my poems are composed in hopes of being read aloud. My most frequent themes include: compassion, love, unity, empowerment, freedom, truth, equality, justice, tolerance, peace, gratitude, mindfulness, nature, individuality, humility, philosophy, spirituality, art, science, mythology, and imagination. All readers are welcome, respected, and appreciated here."

For more about me and my new book, you can follow this link to my author interview at Literary Titan.

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